About Hillstreet Brick Paving

We at Hillstreet Brick Paving are an experienced and established brick paving company who have over 15 years experience in laying, shaping and perfecting the art of brick paving.

With our helpful and experienced members of staff we promise to give you value for money and carry out a high quality standard of craftmanship when laying each brick. Paving can be an essential part of any garden as it can be used in patios, paths & driveways. When used correctly in conjunction with Decked and Turfed areas, it can create a tranquil environment

We will design and lay all forms of paving to suit your requirements and all paving will be carefully
laid by our trained members of staff.

Our objective from the start is to use a space around your premises and create a positive design and atmosphere that you are happy with and can make use of while adding an increased value to your property, both mentally and financially.